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The B2L Blueprints

Here I will do a real review of The B2L Blueprints battery course. I have purchased the course and am going to try to repair an old computer battery that I no longer use.

Surely you wonder if The B2L Blueprints program, a course to restore batteries really works? Don’t worry, here I will share an extensive review and how customers have evaluated it.

Whether it is to save money or to earn money repairing any type of battery, this course is extraordinary. He will also do the world a favor by throwing away his old batteries, which now, thanks to this course, will know how to repair his old batteries and never throw his donkey back into new and increasingly expensive batteries.

But let’s see, what kind of batteries can I fix? He will be wondering. And the answer is, absolutely any type of battery that comes to mind. From batteries for computers, acid batteries, cars batteries, cell phones, drill batteries, alkaline, even small AAA batteries.

My experience repairing a laptop battery

I started reading all the guides one by one and was amazed at how easy it is to understand this course. I had no previous experience and in the end I managed to repair a battery from an old computer that I no longer used, I am really surprised at how fast and simple it was. It is an extraordinary course.

The B2L Blueprints review

I also began to read the extra bonuses and the information it contains is invaluable, I am very surprised at what I found and I will get to work to lower the electricity bill in my house I am very satisfied with what I found in the next month, My electricity bill will save me a lot of money with this course.

Update March 17, 2020

One of the bonuses that most surprised me by how useful and important it is was the [Bonus # 2] Be Your Own Banker.

I managed to make a solar panel for my house and now it works great, I have even been using it and I have saved 80% on my electricity bill. It really works great.

The B2L Blueprints review

Bonus 3 also has incredible tips that I never thought I could find in a free internet tutorial. Very simple tips that will serve to save a lot of electrical energy.

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Who should purchase this course?

I started thinking about who could buy this course and the answer was easy, practically anyone. Who does not like to save money ?, even earn money repairing batteries. This course is for almost anyone and you don’t need to be a scientist to do it right. After a few adjustments, any battery should work like new.

What is The B2L Blueprints?

It is a course to restore any type of batteries quickly and easily, tested and designed by Sean Morrison, a US citizen who along with his friend Robert Davis, an unemployed electronic engineer, created this course when he met in a cafeteria when the car battery Sean’s failed.

After explaining what happened with his car and his battery they returned to the car, Robert wanted to help him, so while Sean was on the phone to talk to his wife, Robert turned and told him. I’m done, in just five minutes your battery was restored

The Good Points

1) This course to restore batteries can be understood by anyone, even without first having had any knowledge. The course and plans are so easy to understand that Sean’s little daughter managed to reset an old battery.

2) You can save a lot of money or you can even start a business to earn extra money, the creator of this course shares where you can find free used batteries to restore and sell them.

3) Best of all, if you believe that The B2L Blueprints does not work or did not help you to restore your batteries, you can request a full refund, that is, within the first 60 days after having made Acquired the course.

4) You will be able to collaborate to prevent this world from continuing to fill up with garbage, recycling your same old batteries for life.

5) The B2L Blueprints is available to anyone anywhere in the world on its official website.

The Bad Points

I searched exhaustively for the negative of this course for several hours and I couldn’t really find any negative points. Perhaps a negative point is that the course only comes in digital format, this is an inconvenience for very few people who would like it to come in physical format.

As it is in digital format, you can immediately download it to any electronic device after making the purchase.

Customer Reviews

The B2L Blueprints has little time in the market, it came to light in February of this year and there are already real customers who have acquired it, all of them with numerous positive comments towards this course. The vast majority described the course as very easy to understand and easy to put into practice, there were some clients who even posted comments where they couldn’t believe how easy it was to restore a battery so easily and in no time.

Bonuses & Discount

The B2L Blueprints

Bonus #1:
RCM – The Reconditioning Cash Machine – Become A Certified Reconditioning Expert And Promote Your Own Business

The B2L Blueprints

Bonus #2:
Be Your Own Energy Banker – How To Make Banks of Batteries And Have Infinite Energy

The B2L Blueprints

Bonus #3:
The 3 Fingers Shutdown : Secrets To Saving Energy At Home That The Big Corporations Don’t Want You To Know

This invaluable course and information is in the pain of $ 872, but you can get it now at a discount price of just a $ 47 payment. This price is tremendously ridiculous for all the benefits you will get.


There is no genuine and professional information on the Internet. Surely you have seen tutorials on YouTube or articles to repair batteries on some websites. Be very careful, it could be dangerous because that information is garbage, it could even cause an accident because most of that information is made by people without any knowledge. If you really want to learn how to restore batteries quickly, easily and efficiently, do not hesitate to buy this course that is very useful.

>>>Get “The B2L Blueprints” Now<<<

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