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The Beat My Psoriasis Bundle is a holistic healing regimen — designed to specifically beat psoriasis, the natural way.
End the Itching. End the Misery and Embarrasment. And Get Your Life Back Again!

Today: $87.00
60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee · No questions asked.

What is the Beat My Psoriasis Bundle?
The Beat My Psoriasis Bundle is an entire collection of digital resources (downloadable PDFs and .mp4 videos), centering around a NATURAL HEALING REGIMEN that helps people beat their psoriasis for good.

This is NOT some generic health protocol…

This Healing Regimen was designed specifically for people with psoriasis.

The core recommendations are from Edgar Cayce (THE Father of Holistic Healing).

The theories are backed by plenty of scientific evidence.

And multiple case studies have proven certain parts of the regimen to be highly successful!

(Evidence and case studies are below).

So if you suffer with psoriasis, this whole regimen and Bundle is exactly for you.

Here, see some of the results for yourself…

This unique Healing Regimen was how I (Josh Krueger) saw the type of relief I did from my psoriasis…
Seriously, look at the transformation on MY leg!

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary Based On Several Factors
I’m Able to Wear Shorts And No One Stares At Me.
Again, it was all done with NATURAL restoration of the body… from the inside-out.

Now, I know natural protocols and remedies are all the rage.

But there’s a difference with this Healing Regimen…

First, this Regimen is based on a unique process called Microvilli Restoration…

Which is different from other natural stuff, because it’s more than a diet. It’s a whole body plan that deals with the 4 core problems linked to psoriasis.¹ ⁻ ⁵

And once all 4 problems are addressed… your body is able to heal on it’s own.⁶

That’s why, I CAN’T WAIT for that type of healing to happen to you!

When you get relief from the constant itching, embarrassment, and miserable skin…

It changes so much of your life for the better.

And with this Bundle… you can do just that!

— $87.00 —
60-Day NO-RISK, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This Natural Healing Regimen Draws From Scientific Evidence And Multiple Case Studies:
1) Study with the Department Of Dermatology in Turkey found that Candida Albicans (fungal yeast) may play an important role in the cause and development of psoriasis.

2) Case Study in The Journal of Dermatological Science found that people with psoriasis are much more likely to have intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut) than compared to those who don’t have psoriasis.

3) Case Study found Endotoxemia (high levels of endotoxins in the blood) is thought to be responsible for the inflammatory status in Metabolic Syndrome. They also found certain natural remedies can reduce endotoxemia.

Jialal I, Rajamani U. Endotoxemia of metabolic syndrome: a pivotal mediator of meta-inflammation. Metab Syndr Relat Disord.

4) Study in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that probiotics mostly brought health benefits to psoriatic patients (suggesting that restoring the gut microbiome in the intestine improves psoriasis).

Polak K, Bergler-Czop B, Szczepanek M, Wojciechowska K, Frątczak A, Kiss N. Psoriasis and Gut Microbiome.
5) Study: Nutritional strategies for psoriasis: current scientific evidence in clinical trials. This study found a healthy lifestyle was shown to be very beneficial for patients with moderate to severe case of psoriasis.

Zuccotti E, Oliveri M, Girometta C, Ratto D, Di Iorio C, Occhinegro A, Rossi P. Nutritional strategies for psoriasis: current scientific evidence in clinical trials. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci.

6) Case Study in the Meridian Institute in Virginia applied treatments recommended by Edgar Cayce and found significant improvements and multiple people who had total clearance of psoriatic lesions from their skin.

Or you’re worried about things getting worse in the future…

Or you wanna avoid the long-term side effects from the “synthetic route”…
Then Here’s Everything You Get In The Beat My Psoriasis Bundle…
So You Can Beat It Naturally RIGHT NOW.

Beat My Psoriasis COURSE
The main Course Ebook takes you through every step of the entire Microvilli Restoration Healing Regimen, so you know exactly how to restore your intestine, eliminate toxins in your body, and ultimately gain control of your psoriasis and relief the natural way.

It contains everything you need to get started on restoring the key parts of your body (your digestive system, urinary system, respiratory system, perspiratory system, and central nervous system). And figure it out uniquely, for you! This treatment plan draws from lots of scientific research and discoveries made by other doctors. Everything is laid out in layman’s language and it’s very easy to understand and follow.

30-Day Quickstart BLUEPRINT
This Quickstart Blueprint Ebook is key for your first 30 days on the regimen. This Blueprint is literally a checklist of everything you need to do throughout each day, so you can just plug right in to the full regimen right now, and get going. Bonus: it has ‘required’, ‘recommended’, and ‘optional’ things so you can easily figure out what works best for you.

Beat My Psoriasis 30-Day Quickstart
The Quickstart Assistant Ebook goes hand-in-hand with the 30-Day Quickstart Blueprint. The Blueprint shows you exactly WHAT to do. The Assistant helps explain the purpose of everything, and exactly HOW to do it all, so you don’t make any mistakes, and so you have faith in everything you’re doing for your body.

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