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Harvard: Common Household Toxin Triggers Memory Loss

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Customers Testimonials
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Patricia Campbell, 53 St. Petersburg, Florida

“Recently I was forgetting if I had taken my medication, repeating myself, and losing things more often. I’m only 53, so I feel like I’m too young to have these problems. But my mother died in a nursing home with memory issues, so I started to get really worried. But the “fog” faded away once I started taking Brain Savior. I no longer spend 30 minutes every morning searching for my car keys, and I have a better time remembering what I need to do for the day. It really is like someone “woke up” my brain. Best of all I no longer worry about those “senior moments” getting worse and ending up like my mother.”

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Mark Wilson, 81 Reno, Nevada

“At 81, conversation was awkward when I couldn’t recall a specific word or finish the end of a story. When in a group, I found myself just listening and not interacting so I wouldn’t start jumbling my words and look like an idiot. But taking Brain Savior has helped a lot and it worked really quick. My wife says I’m more “on-the-ball” and speak with more confidence. I can also remember names and faces a lot easier, too. I also just feel a lot better about the future and not ending up in eldercare like my mother did.”

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Linda Miller, 68 Dallas, Texas

“My husband is 71 and he would forget what people said shortly after they said it. He also had a hard time remembering names, events, and movies we saw. His father had severe memory issues, so he started to get depressed thinking he wasn’t far behind. After taking Brain Savior for a week, he’s like a different person. He’s cracking jokes again, he’s beating our grandkids at cards, and I no longer worry he’ll end up in a memory care facility. God bless you Joseph!!!”

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