Fight Or Flight Prepping Review


What is Fight Or Flight Prepping?

It is a survival guide that provides great information on how to act and how to save your family in a scenario of a social crisis, war, lack of food or any type of world crisis or in your city so that you and know how to guide your family or loved ones and they can be safe.

The 5-Step Process To Keep You Alive In Any Crisis Situation From Martial Law To Societal Collapse.

This pdf guide is a 157+ page illustrated crisis preparedness system designed to get you and your family to safety and prepare to survive long term without money, food, water, electricity while the world falls down around you.

In This Illustrated PDF Survival Guide You’ll Discover…

The most in-demand career in the Apocalypse

​Why crisis can be a good thing.

​The 5-Step Process that makes survival EASY.

​How you can live without money.

​How you can live without utilities. (And how I did off and on as a kid)

​Multiple lists of survival and prepping supplies that could save your life.

​The best survival foods.

​Where you should go in a crisis, and the best ways to get there.

…And the number one most important survival “tool” anyone can have.

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Never in history was there an eternal civilization.

They all end. They all come to an end. They all die when they become weak.

And this will not be the exception.

That the current civilization is going to fall for me is something very clear and without discussion … the real question is WHEN the collapse will come.

Of course, no one knows (and neither do I). But I will give my opinion:

In the first place, if anything characterizes the world from the industrial revolution onwards, it is the enormous acceleration of productivity.

One of the things that make civilizations fall is the lack of resources, and with the increase in productivity in general, resources are not lacking. There are always more.

When it seemed that the coal was running out … they discovered that oil could be used.

When the oil seems to be running out … maybe they’ll find something else.

Nobody knows.

The technology that exists is never seen before, and it always allows you to invent something new, or discover new resources.

But is this enough to prevent social collapse?

The truth, I don’t think so.

What I do believe is that you can stretch it a bit over time. It may take a little longer to arrive.

What I’m going to is that although we are in a very fragile balance, it is impossible to predict when the catastrophe will arrive because the current situation is unique in history.

While all civilizations fell, there were never civilizations with a level of productivity as high as that achieved from the 19th century onwards.

That changes things a bit, but I still think that the collapse will come at some point (nothing lasts forever …)

But there is another important point.

Personally, I think that it is very difficult for the collapse of civilization to come from one day to the next in a totally unexpected way.

I think that what is going to happen is that this process of decline that we are experiencing continues to accelerate more and more, but always as a process. Not as an event.

It is not that one day the internet will go down, electricity will cease to be available, fuel will run out, and everyone will go out into the streets armed.

No, rather it will be a slow process that will develop little by little (and it seems that it has already started)

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