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In fact, if you pay attention to those people that tend to sweat a lot, they are either bald already or on the way to becoming bald.

A 2020 randomized test performed on 1,659 men and women with hair loss showed that the lactic acid contained by the sweat, more precisely a larger quantity of sweat, reacted with the naturally present keratin (protein) molecules in the hair, damaging the natural roots of hair follicles.

While lactic acid is good in some instances, it is very bad if it comes into contact with hair in excessive quantities.

It gradually breaks down the hair’s outer layer, which, in time, leads to the hair follicles to shrink and become much less productive.

The lactic acid in the sweat will make the hair look and feel brittle, dry, and weak.

Also, it has been shown that lactic acid is responsible for inflammation, which also negatively impacts the growth of hair because when inflammation occurs, the hair stops receiving a sufficient quantity of its much-needed blood supplies, which carry oxygen and nutrients.

This inusually results in premature balding, weak and thinning hair, low sex drive and what’s worse, shortening your hair life span by more than 19 years.

That’s why, no matter what you do, if your sweat system is clogged and your follicles can’t assimilate all these essential nutrients, it will be impossible to get them to produce hair.

It’s like trying to eat cooked spaghetti through a straw.

Or better yet.

It’s like trying to pour water into a closed bottle.

So what do you do?

You open the bottle first, right?

Now, before I tell you how simple it actually is to unlock the key to super growth of your hair and fix all these years of damage to it, let me do a quick recap.

Because of the blockage happening inside your sweat glands, your scalp eliminates all the essential nutrients it needs to grow.

That’s why your hair started to be thinner and prone to breakage in the first place.

Since your nutrient absorption process is broken and all the nutrients you need are passed out of your body via sweat, your body is trying to compensate, sending the scarce resources wherever it sees fit and wherever is possible.

For obvious reasons, your body chooses to supply your vital organs like heart, brain or lungs, leaving you hair follicles deprived and dying because they are not essential to your survival.

But there is one more that messes up your entire hair cycle which is already disturbed by the lack of nutrients: lactic acid.

Lactic acid present in sweat makes bald heads shine and is the main big culprit of hair loss.

After accumulated on the scalp for a long period of time, lactic acid triggers an inflammatory process which leads to almost permanent hair follicle damage, so that hair does not grow as it should and is more prone to falling out.

Ever since you reached puberty, without you even knowing it, you started eliminating essential nutrients through your sweat glands in your scalp on one hand and the lactic acid leak shrinked your follicles to death on the other hand.

The end result: a bald shiny scalp, damaged hair cycle, miniaturized follicles incapable of growing normal sized hairs, and unfortunately what’s even more scary – a 78% increased chance of developing severe hormonal imbalances.

Now, getting back to the super African hair growth technique – Dr. Krausz and I performed tests on over 120 brave volunteers, men and women of all races between 20 and 65 years old.

Our blend had all the natural super compounds, including the sacred herb from the Himba tribe which basically “cleared the blockage” and ensured the nutrient absorption process starts to function properly for immediate hair growth.

Of course, I expected to see some results.

But I sure as hell didn’t expect to see them coming in that fast…

Not long after we began, our phones were ringing like crazy with all these people explaining to us how they got their thick luscious hair back even better than before their hair loss started.

I almost thought they were joking.

But then the pictures arrived at our e-mail servers.

Take a look at this.

Even the most skeptical ones, to their utter shock, got a full scalp of baby hair.

But that’s not even close to the good things that happened…

100% of the participants reported an increase of the density of their hair and reduced bald patches in just a few weeks from using the program.

It was absolute madness!

So we decided to take everything we’ve discovered, and put everything into a simple method that anyone could follow…

We started looking for companies that would help us bring the plants into the States in bulk and manufacture them into easy to consume gummies.

I wanted to scream it out loud, as I held in my hands the product that would finally give men and women all over the world an explosive growth of their hair.

We called it…


With its powerful mixture of 12 carefully selected ingredients, this 2,000 year old African hair growth formula is the only one of its kind in the whole world.

It’s guaranteed to ultra boost your hair growth on ALL areas of your scalp and increase your hair density in just a matter of weeks, and has already changed the lives of over 120,000 men and women.

Each ingredient was carefully selected for its follicle boosting properties.

And when combined together in the right quantities, all the 12 superfoods have the ability to set you free from balding no matter how naked your scalp is right now.

Every Folixine gummy is made here in the US, in our FDA approved and GMP certified facility, under extremely sterile, strict and precise conditions.

All gummies are non-GMO and safe.

They do not contain any stimulants or toxins and they are not habit or tolerance forming.

And what we achieved is what most experts would call a medical breakthrough…

Here’s a short explanation on how these ingredients work and why they are so powerful…

STEP 1: Your body absorbs these powerful nutrients

As soon as you’ve taken the first dose of Folixine , the nutrient absorption process begins.

We combined 12 powerful ingredients chosen from selected locations such as Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and even the Brazilian Amazon.

All these compounds are essential for doing two things:

First, to fix the blockage inside your sweat glands that’s forcing your body to eliminate the growth nutrients through sweat.

And second, to regulate the lactic acid levels in your sweat in order to restart the cellular growth of your hair.

Since they are 100% natural and have been selected due to their purity, your body will immediately start absorbing them and the growth of your hair will begin immediately.

STEP 2: Your scalp becomes blockage free and the healing process begins

Before the actual hair growth process happens, we need to repair the damage on your scalp level.

This is extremely important…

Since your hair follicles were deprived for so many years by these essential compounds, we need to restore their health before anything else.

To achieve this, we selected a very precise combination of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

This powerful duo will supercharge your hair growth and force out the lactic acid that accumulated under your scalp.

The way these two elements work when fused together is truly spectacular.

Now, what’s special about this type of vitamin C is that it’s one of the most powerful types out there, since it’s derived from calcium ascorbate.

It’s 79% stronger than the one you find in the stores or pharmacies!

According to extensive research, Vitamin C is regarded as the most important vitamin you can give to your hair, because it’s the primary element that helps collagen formation.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the human body that supports skin elasticity and healthy hair.

Not only does it strengthen your hair roots, but also makes sure that the new hairs you’ll grow will be of the best quality: strong, nourished and easy to style.

Enter Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is often one of those forgotten vitamins. It’s mostly known for its positive effects on eye health.

But what most people don’t know is that the same artery that supplies eyes with vital nutrients also travels to the scalp.

That means that if there is a shortage of nourishing substances in your eyes, the body will automatically feed the eye, depriving the scalp.

Safely introducing highly bioavailable vitamin A in your system will both nourish your eyes and make sure nutrients have a free path to travel directly to the roots of your hair.

Then, as soon as the healing process is done, your growth will begin immediately.

STEP 3: The hair growth cycle turns to normal

Now pay attention, because from this point on, incredible things start to happen.

First, to achieve explosive growth of your hair, we had to carefully select a proprietary blend of 12 ingredients.

Our star ingredient is Vitamin D3.

Among the first symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency is a sweaty head.

If you have children, you probably remember that the first thing your physician asked you during the first months of your child’s birth is whether your newborn has a sweaty head.

The reason is simple, sweaty head and excessive sweating is one of the first and earliest symptoms of low vitamin D3 levels.

And guess what?

A recent study published by Medscape shows that more than 60% of American citizens suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency.

By supplying your body with its natural dose of Vitamin D3, you make sure your head sweating is under control and therefore reduce both lactic acid and nutrient loss that blocks your hair from growing.

Then we added an extremely pure form of Biotin extracted from a rare algae found in the Indian Ocean, which expedites the growth on a cellular level.

Biotin restores keratin production in hair which was disrupted by lactic acid buildups and also increases the rate of follicle growth. It is also proven to prevent age related hair loss.

But we didn’t stop here.

We also added Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Folate, Sodium, and Iodine…

All with one single purpose in mind:

To help you turbo boost your hair growth on those bald patches inch after inch, both in length and density.

As an added benefit, all these ingredients create a natural armor around your scalp, shielding it against scalp issues like dandruff and age related hair loss.

STEP 4: You shield yourself against hair loss and revitalize your entire body

In just a few weeks, you’ll start to notice a difference in your bald or thinning spots.

This natural blend will increase hair density by 30%, 40% and even 56% more than what you have now.

And there’s more…

Because this blend is so powerful, every single cell of your body will start to transform and rejuvenate.

Pantothenic acid, one of the star ingredients of Folixine …

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