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HairPoww is an anti-loss brush that works by means of a low-frequency infrared laser. Regular massages with this device improve blood flow to the scalp and make it easier for the hair root to become stronger.

You have already tried different ways to avoid tangles in your hair and you still have not found the right way, right? Do you know why our hair gets easily tangled on some occasions and what are the negative consequences that this can have for us?

There are several reasons why our hair gets tangled and surely some will seem obvious to you and others you will not even know existed. One of the reasons why your hair may constantly get tangled, generating important knots that cause pain, may be because you are not lightening your hair correctly. Every time you wash your hair in the shower, make sure that you rinse your hair well and that there is not a single trace of shampoo or mask left on it.

Tangles are usually generated on a regular basis is dry, fine or poorly hydrated hair. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is be clear that you are using the correct products and tools for your hair type.

And don’t forget to untangle your hair well before going to sleep or playing sports! It may seem silly, but playing sports and sleeping are the times when our hair can get tangled the most. What you need is a special high-tech brush like Hairpoww!

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