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Your Special Invitation to Join an Exclusive Private VIP Club
with a Focus on Fast, Easy, Effective, Cheap and Free Ways
to Create Content and Make Your Own Products

Hi and welcome,

This page is all about making content and creating your own products. The fact is, the faster, cheaper and better you can produce quality content and products, the more opportunities you create for yourself.
I started SEO and building content sites in 1996, before Google even existed. I was one of the first people to create keyword research tools. I also pioneered many different ways of creating all sorts of content over the years.
You will discover methods that have worked the entire time, as well as brand-new strategies for using the latest artificial intelligence tools to create amazing content and product opportunities for online business people.

As a Member of the Kings and Queens of Content You Have Tons of Content Power Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips

I’m not even a little bit artistic, but I made all the art on this page using AI and I own it. I’ll show you how to do it too.

The Kings and Queens of Content Club is made to help “do-it-yourself” business people quickly create high-quality, 100% original content at minimal cost and time needed, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

The Kings and Queens isn’t just about writing articles. It’s about utilizing a wide variety resources, ideas, strategies and tips to create quality content that people want.

Things Are QUICKLY Changing – Are You a Going to Lead or Follow?
Being the first to act is a huge advantage in business.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly and dramatically changing how we do business on the Net.
When it comes to using AI to create content, you generally get one of two opinions:
It’s magic!
It sucks!
Group #1 is probably selling something and Group #2 never invested a couple of minutes to learn few simple concepts…or feels threatened that AI is taking their place.
The truth is, good AI tools should be thought of as helpers. You can’t simply put in a couple of words and expect a long 2000 word article. But, it can help you write better articles in a lot less time, if you understand a few simple things.
I’ve tested many of the well-known AI writing tools and some are junk. However, the best AI writers do a great job with many of the things your business should be writing about, like my SEO method for uncovering the best keywords for you, or my “Versus” page method.

Both these AI content writing methods are simple, effective and included in the Kings and Queens of Content Club.

The key to all AI is to think of yourself as a movie director and AI bots as your dumb, but good-looking and talented actors. You need to specifically direct AI what to do, not expect it to do things on its own.

Get a Head Start on the Gold Rush with This Included Special Bonus!
Artificial Intelligence Art Generators For Products and Content
Important! Here’s What EVERYONE
with a Web Presence Will Be Doing Soon.

The point of this example is how easily I made 27 images of two cows wearing golden crowns in different styles, in about 20 minutes, and for free.
These aren’t examples of the best AI art I’ve created. These images are meant to show you that this is how things will be changing sooner than you may think, and if I can create custom images of two cows wearing crowns, other folks will soon be doing the same by creating their own custom artwork by just typing a few words.

Making and owning artwork opens unlimited opportunities for you, especially if you have the advantage of being one of the first to develop products and content using AI generated artwork…and you don’t have any artistic skills and still want to be in the game.

Your Very Best Advantage Is Right Now
Before Everyone Else Discovers the Power of AI.

This means you can create unlimited products from YOUR original artwork that YOU can LEGALLY sell.

You can sell everything from tees, mugs, web page templates, WordPress themes, flyers, brochures, post cards, invitations, posters, low content publications, posters, comics and that’s just the “tip of the iceberg”.

▶ Your Own Print on Demand Products

▶ Make Great Pattern Interrupts for Your Videos

▶ Be a Logo-Making Machine

▶ Create Custom Memes for Social Media Branding

▶ Low Content Printables
▶ Quick, Easy and Original Banners and Headers

▶ Illustrations and Covers for Kindle Books and Reports
▶ Eye-Catching Vertical Ads for PPC

▶ Digital Downloads

▶ Comics and Graphic Novels

◈ Your Invitation from Me to the Private Pheeds Discord for MidJourney
I’ve set up a private “server” (community) on Discord where we can run MidJourney just like their official channel can. Time permitting, I can help you get going with prompts and features of MidJourney and Discord etc.
◈ The Prompt Silo – Exclusive How To’s, Tips and Secrets

◈ Take the Fast Track with Your MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet

You’ll be smarter and faster with this quick-start guide to MidJourney. I’ll show you how to get started with the basics, so you can focus on making your own cool, unique art.

◈ The Biggest, Boldest and Baddest Collection of Prompt Ideas and Resources ANYWHERE

The key to generating AI art is knowing what to tell it. You’re getting access to the most valuable and varied collection of ideas and resources for prompts you’ll find…and they are readily available at your finger tips.

The Prompts Generally Work in Most of the AI Text to Art Makers…but with different results.
◈ Quick Tips for Pros
If you want to make AI art a part of your business models, here’s a handful of things that will help you build an organized foundation and let you be as productive as possible.

◈ Two Extremely Helpful Areas

  1. Kings and Queens private VIP area.
  2. The private Pheeds Discord.

You have access to the private Pheeds MJ Discord for direct, hands-on prompt crafting and the Kings and Queens for how to use AI for fun and profit, news, tools, discussions plus all the other content and product resources.

Your Triple Crown Winners of Silo Resources

▶ The Content Silo

▶ The SEO & Keyword Silo

▶ The Prompt Silo
An extremely powerful and massive collection of unique tools and resources for researching and writing content. Includes tools and resources for researching and writing content on any subject that you can think of.

My personal collection of the best, most current FREE SEO tools and resources available to help you grow your online business, from keyword research to backlink analysis. Don’t pay for SEO tools without checking out the SEO Silo first.
Designed to help people become great AI artists with a few clicks. The biggest collection of ideas for prompts, plus AI art resources. The Prompt Silo makes it easy to create unique and quality artwork that you own.
Disclaimer: These three valuable Silos are freely available to the public.
However, I reveal tips and secrets for using them exclusively to Kings and Queens VIP members.
Those folks don’t have a clue about all the power they’re missing out on…

You’re Also Getting Access to the Pheeds “Mega” Library of Public Domain Resources and Money-Making Ideas

You’re about to discover how to create how-to courses, ebooks, mugs, tee shirts, downloadable digital products and more using free media that’s in the public domain…or use your own AI generated art or combos of both!

Your Pheeds Library of Public Domain contains massive amount of public domain resources. These are FREE resources you can use for pretty much any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.

You’re Getting Public Domain Software, Blueprints and Patents, Audio and Music,
Games, Videos, Books, Maps, Movies, Magazines and more…

Disney has made fortunes from the public domain. So has Google. Their Chrome browser is built from the GPL browser Chromium.
And you can make money from Public Domain resources too. I can’t promise that you’ll make as much money as they have, but they show the huge potential of using public domain assets to create products.

BTW, did you know the original version of the movie Little Shop of Horrors is in the Public Domain? Marilyn Monroe is also in the Public Domain. So is Albert Einstein, Winnie the Pooh and Bambi. Winnie the Pooh is the most popular children’s book ever. You can’t use Disney’s art, but you can use AI to create your own Pooh characters to sell. Here’s a niche that’s ripe for the pickin’.
Plus, every year, all sorts of great new things are released into the Public Domain.
First Come. First Served.
Not only are there are plenty of old and new books, ebooks, music, videos and more waiting for you in the Pheeds Library of Public Domain archives…there’s heaps of ideas for turning all this free and legal stuff into products.

Take Control With Your Own Inventory of Products
With your own products, you’re the boss. You make all the decisions. No affiliate applications, traffic requirements, marketing method restrictions or other hoops to jump through.

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