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“Slim down, soothe bloating, and boost your energy naturally! Unlike other detoxes, Patriot Detox has NO laxatives and is made with 11 metabolism-boosting superfoods.”
Grab Your Patriot Tea!

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What Are The Benefits of
Patriot Detox Tea?

Fight Toxins – Patriot Detox multiple ingredients, such as lemongrass are high in antioxidants and may help support a healthy inflammation response. This may help you fight oxidative damage and protect from.
Reduce Stress – Sip your stress away! With powerful fast acting amino acids like L-Theanine in green tea.
Support Immune System – Patriot Detox contains 28 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including Vitamin C and Vitamin A.
Healthy Weight – Our signature blend contains both oolong tea and green tea, natural metabolism boosters that have been shown to help the body slim down the healthy way!
​Soothe Bloating – Our all-natural blend herb that promote healthy digestion, helps your body reduce water weight, and helps reduce inflammation to soothe bloating.
Grab Your Patriot Tea!
>>> Get Patriot Tea Detox here at a discounted price while it’s available <<<

Why Drink Patriot Detox Tea
Enjoy 11 metabolism-boosting superfoods in every cup!

Organic Rooibos

Organic Green Tea

Organic Oolong Tea



Bitter Melon



Dandelion Leaves

Garcinia Cambogia

Pepermint Leaf
Grab Your Patriot Tea!

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Detox Tea
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Grab Your Patriot Tea!

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Detox Tea
42 Days Supply

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6 Patriot
Detox Tea
84 Days Supply

per pouch
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How To Use Patriot Detox Tea

1 Tea Bag
Steep in 8oz. of hot water for 5-7 minutes.

Any Time
Drink once or twice daily to kickstart your metabolism.

Any Temperature
Enjoy your Detox hot or add ice to enjoy cold.
Real Patriots. Real Results!

Greg has dropped a staggering 27.5lbs

“All that I can say is that I love this. I’m down a pant size in less than 3 weeks. I can’t even believe it. It’s so unexpected because I still enjoy my regular food, plus wine and beer a few times a week. The best thing is I know that I’m losing weight the healthy way.”
Greg R. – Akron, OH

Debbie says this tea really work!

“I was skeptical & I normally don’t believe in “diet” products. I do like tea (hot & cold) so I figured I’d give it a shot. It works for me. I am on day 7 and I have lost 6 pounds already. There’s nothing weird about the taste, it curbs my appetite, I don’t crave sugar (which is VERY rare), I have more energy through the day with no jitters or “crashing”. If you like tea and want to lose weight, I recommend you give this a try.”
Debbie T. – Henderson, NV

Controlled my appetite and lost 6 pounds. And had energy as well!

“A five star rating!!! I have completed the 14 days of Detox tea and lost a total of 6 pounds while eating a healthy managed diet. I had more energy to make it through my busy days. Once I had completed this I found myself hungry all of the time so I purchased this again, I found that my appetite is controlled and I feel great. I recommend this for anyone who is trying to Detox to a better health and possibly lose weight if that is their goal. I am almost 60 years old, it was hard for me to lose weight after menopause.”
Carolyn S. – Nashville, TN

This was the first detox tea that I’ve ever tried and I just ordered more.

“I just finished my 14 days and feel like it did a good job of keeping me focused on my diet during the day and not feeling hungry. I’m on a 7-day/week workout regimen right now too and I think it helped boost that as well. I drink tea every morning and evening as my normal routine, so this wasn’t a big change.However, I did feel like it probably had a little less caffeine than my normal tea. That’s fine with me, but if you need a large caffeine kick, one cup of this isn’t going to do it. Overall I think it’s a great product and am very happy with it.”
Nancy P. – Austin, TX

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