Poundless Program Reviews: Legit Weight Loss Results System?

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The Poundless Program is a weight loss program that is made to help guide you into losing up to 57 pounds of fat.

By following the Poundless Program weight loss strategies in the eBooks and PDFs, you can purportedly lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

Does The Poundless Program really work? Can you really lose 57 pounds by following the program? Find out everything you need to know about this weight loss system and how it works today in our review.

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What is The Poundless Program?

The Poundless Program is a weight loss program sold exclusively online through PoundlessProgram.com.

The program consists of eBooks, digital guides, and online manuals. You buy the program online, then receive instant access. You can start implementing the lessons immediately.

According to the official website, one man lost 57 pounds of excess body fat while following The Poundless Program. That man needed to lose weight to give his daughter a kidney that would save her life. He lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, ultimately saving his daughter’s life.

Obviously, all weight loss programs make similar claims. All weight loss programs claim to help you lose weight and burn fat, for example. What makes The Poundless Program different from other weight loss systems? Keep reading to find out.

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How Does The Poundless Program Work?

The Poundless Program is based on the idea that small strategies can change the way your body approaches appetite, weight loss, and dieting.

By making small changes to your lifestyle today, you can snowball those changes into significant improvements.

Inside The Poundless Program, you’ll get basic advice about the right foods to eat for losing weight, including foods to add to your diet and foods to avoid.

The program also includes a book of five minute workouts you can perform at home. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to lose weight. Sometimes, a five minute daily workout is all you need.

Other topics covered in The Poundless Program include smoothie recipes, the value of healthy foods, and naturally lowering your body’s setpoint weight to ensure effective weight loss results.

The program also emphasizes the importance of detoxifying your body. Some of the smoothie recipes in The Poundless Program claim to specifically target heavy metals, toxins, and inflammation in your body, for example. By detoxifying your body, you can cleanse it of harmful compounds.

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Three Myths About Weight Loss

Adam, the person who created The Poundless Program, claims big pharmaceutical companies, supplement companies, and food companies have teamed up to suppress the real cures for weight loss. These groups make billions off of fat people, and they want to keep people overweight.

With that in mind, Adam claims these groups promote certain myths about weight loss:

Myth #1: Dieting Will Help You Lose Weight: Adam claims it’s a myth that dieting will help you lose weight. He claims restricting calories and following a careful diet are “worthless” because they fail “again and again.” He claims starvation dieting is worth for your health than being overweight, and that it actually contributes to weight gain in the long run by wrecking your metabolism. For all of these reasons, Adam recommends that you don’t diet, count calories, or restrict what you eat to lose weight.

Myth #2: Calories Are All the Same: Some people claim a calorie is a calorie. 10 calories of chocolate is the same as 10 calories of salmon. However, Adam says that’s not true because foods have different macronutrient levels. Some foods are rich with protein, vitamins, and minerals, for example, while others are rich with processed sugars and fats. Although the number of calories might be equal, the nutritional value of foods is not equal.

Myth #3: You Need to Exercise “Like a Crazy Person” to Lose Weight: Adam claims you don’t need to exercise much to lose weight. In fact, he recommends against exercising “like a crazy person” because it puts too much stress on your metabolism and body. Your body produces cortisol when you work out, and cortisol can force you to gain weight. Countless studies show that exercise is good for weight loss, but Adam advises against it.

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Overall, Adam claims that dieting and exercising will not lead to significant weight loss results:

“…no diet, exercise programs or restrictions will help you achieve your weight loss goals…these are not the true cause of your weight loss resistance.”

Instead, Adam claims The Poundless Program will target the root cause of your weight loss issues without requiring you to diet, exercise, or exert much effort.

The Story Behind The Poundless Program

The Poundless Program was created by a 49-year old man named Adam Diehl. Adam lives near Greensboro, North Carolina with his wife and two daughters.

Adam describes himself as “just your average Joe.” He works as a search and rescue team crew leader. He claims he was on the ground during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and Hurricane Dorian in 2019. On the official program website, Adam mentions that he has “dedicated [his] life to helping others,” which is why he is motivated to share The Poundless Program with the world.

Like many men, Adam gained weight as he got older. He was no longer the slim, skinny person he was in high school. He had gained a significant amount of weight over the years.

Adam didn’t see his weight gain as a big deal until he had a “silent heart attack.” Adam was 75 pounds overweight, clinically obese, and out of shape. His doctor ordered an EKG. Based on the results of the EKG, Adam’s doctor warned him he had “one foot in the grave.” His doctor told him to lose weight or die.

After the diagnosis, Adam tried weight loss routines, trendy diets like the Atkin’s diet and paleo diet, and exercise systems. Nothing worked. Adam claims he struggled to lose weight and keep it off.

Things changed when Adam’s daughter was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Adam’s daughter needed a kidney transplant. After a multi-year battle with kidney failure, doctors told Adam that his daughter would die without receiving a kidney. Adam wanted to give his daughter his kidney, but he was too overweight for the surgery.

Adam started researching natural cures for weight loss. He needed a way to lose weight quickly and easily.

That’s when Adam’s cousin Nicholas came to visit from Italy. Adam describes Nicholas as “some kind of Roman god” because of his impeccable body. Adam asked Nicholas how he did it, and Nicholas revealed his secrets.

Nicholas told Adam that big pharmaceutical companies and big food manufacturers have teamed up to keep Americans fat. He claims it’s impossible to diet and exercise your way to weight loss. Instead, you just need to eat specific foods.

To make a long story short, Adam claims to have lost 57 pounds of weight with minimal effort using The Poundless Program. Three years later, his daughter is happy, healthy, and successful. Adam lost weight and saved his daughter’s life thanks to The Poundless Program.

Creating a Setpoint to Lose Weight

Adam claims one of his best tricks for losing weight is to create a setpoint. A setpoint is your target weight. By setting the target weight in your mind, you subconsciously force your body to reach that target weight.

Here’s how Adam explains the unique concept:

“…it’s all down to this hidden process that is plotting against you every day making your body hold on to excess pounds…and it’s known by the name of “YOUR SETPOINT”. In short, your setpoint is the weight your body wants to be at and works to maintain by regulating your hormones that control your metabolism and hunger levels…”

If you don’t create a setpoint in your brain, then your body doesn’t know how much weight to lose. Adam claims it’s “like a thermostat.” All you need to do is think about how much weight you want to lose, and your body will subconsciously create hormones to reach that target weight:

“Your brain receives information through hormone signals from your body fat, muscles, pancreas liver and sensory organs at all times…And controls your appetite, digestion, energy balance and metabolism…which automatically maintain body fat at a specific level, otherwise known as your setpoint.”

Creating a setpoint isn’t as easy as thinking about it. Your body naturally raises or lowers your setpoint based on your diet, exercise habits, and body composition.

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