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I Heard My Mom Scream: “Oh My God Your Father’s Dead”…

…end up in hospital fighting for his life?…

An Ancient Eastern Formula that shrinks your prostate – helping you pee like a Racehorse.

And in the long-run they actually make it worse…

The Real Root Cause of Prostate Enlargement and BPH Lies in a Recently Discovered, Yet Still Little-Known “Hormonal Imbalance”…

And once you address this “Hormonal Imbalance”…

Not only will you pee without pain or discomfort…

…and sleep through the night without needing constant “bathroom breaks”…

How Big Pharma’s Prostate Drugs actually make your problems worse – new research from some of the world’s leading urologists have proven that these drugs almost never work for anyone in the long-run …
The shockingly low success rate of Prostate Surgeries …
The real reason why Big Pharma wants you to bounce from medication to medication – and has no real interest in making your prostate issues better …
The terrifying connection between Big Pharma, Big Government, The Mainstream Media and your Prostate Issues …

Getting back the kind of flow they had in their 20’s.

Living life totally on your terms – free to do whatever you want, whenever you want …

Jack from New England says

“My father is 77 years old and a Vietnam Vet. 6 weeks ago he was on 3 medications for his prostate and his problems were getting worse. He was waking up 4 or 5 times a night to pee, and it was making him mentally foggy during the day. However, since taking ProstaClear his issues have mostly gone away – he’s only waking up once during the night, he’s full of energy during the day and he’s regained his mental sharpness. He can’t wait to go to the football game this weekend with me and his grandkids.”

Peter from Texas says

“I received my supply of ProstaClear on January 22nd. I’d been experiencing pain when I pee, and I was waking up several times a night to visit the bathroom. Doctors weren’t sure what was going on, and meds weren’t working. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying ProstaClear, but I wasn’t expecting much. However, by the time I took my fourth capsule, my flow was stronger and I was feeling the urge to pee less frequently. And just 3 weeks later I’m symptom free! I am not usually a believer in holistic efforts, but credit where credit is due. This is effective. I feel like a younger man! I’m ordering another supply, as this one is about to run out.”

David from Florida says

“I wanted something to stop me getting up at night several times with a very uncomfortable urge to urinate. I was leaving work meetings unable to last an hour without going to the bathroom , which was noticeable and embarrassing. I was desperate for a solution. Nothing else had worked. Yet I can tell you that after several weeks of using ProstaClear, it started to work and has totally helped me – I now rarely have to get up at night, and I can confidently sit through work meetings without needing bathroom breaks. I even sat through the movie The Irishman last night – and it lasted 3 hrs and 30 min and I did not get up to pee!”
A $20 Billion Dollar Drug and Surgery Business Built on A Foundation of Lies…

They know you’re desperate for a solution, and they know you’ll spend thousands of dollars on their dangerous drugs and scary surgeries.

Tamsulosin costs several thousand dollars a month, and can cause drowsiness, blood pressure issues and impaired sexual function.
Alpha Blockers such as Alfusozin cost upwards of $3,000 a month, give many men headaches and can leave you dizzy, tired and nauseous.

Worst part?

None of these drugs work in the long-run, for reasons I’ll explain shortly.

I know this to be true, because they tried to do it to my Dad.

He served 33 years in the Park Ridge Chicago City Fire Department – 15 of those as the Captain…

Bravely putting his life on the line to save others, every single day.

The greatest man I ever knew – who’d always been there for Mom, me and my brother…

…constantly visiting the bathroom to force out a few painful drops, only to then dribble uncontrollably afterwards.

And if that wasn’t bad enough…

Several weeks earlier, at Dad’s Retirement Party, Mom and I found him unconscious, curled up on the bathroom floor, bleeding uncontrollably from the most private part of his body.
It was heartbreaking.
I don’t want any other American man – or his family – to go through what Dad did.

We held a retirement party for him…

So his fellow Firefighters, friends, family and members of the local community could celebrate his career and say “thank you”…

But it actually got off to a great start…

From 6pm onwards everyone was chatting, drinking, dancing and having a good time.
However, at 9.
We set off to look for him…

“Oh My God, Your Dad’s Dead”…

The crotch of his pants soaked in blood…

Like a scene from a Horror Movie.
Paramedics had to stretcher Dad out – bloody, weak and frail – in front of men who used to look up to him with nothing but respect… men who used to see him as their Hero.

I tried to stay strong for her, but inside I was a nervous wreck. All we could do was wait for an update from the Doctor.

When we eventually heard from the Doctor, it was grave…

“Your father is very ill. His enlarged prostate and urinary problems have led to a severe kidney infection. He’s lucky to be alive. But it’s touch and go as to whether he’ll make it.”

He was drugged up all the time. Loopy. Unable to do anything on his own.
Several weeks went by and Dad improved somewhat – his pain levels went down, he no longer needed a catheter to pee, and his kidney infection cleared up.

Until Dad went for a routine Prostate Examination 6 months later…

And it turned out that despite being “the model patient”… taking every med exactly as directed by the Docs, apparently Dad’s prostate wasn’t getting any smaller…
In fact, it was getting bigger – which explained why he was still feeling the near constant urge to pee.

The Doc said

Now About The Size of An Apple.

Those 4 words – “we. need. to. operate” – chilled my Dad to the bone.

He confessed to me with tears in his eyes that…

…he’d rather die than go through with an operation that could leave him impotent, incontinent, or both.
And this is when I knew I had to help him.
There had to be another way to fix his enlarged prostate and help him regain his quality of life.
Dad had given so much to me – now it was time to return the favor.

And often gives you nasty side effects. More on this shortly.

Even if the surgery is deemed “a success” – you could be left with emasculating side effects such as “retrograde ejaculation”… meaning that when you ejaculate, nothing comes out!

Well, in that case you’ve just paid the medical establishment to potentially leave you impotent or incontinent…

For life.
No more sex.
No more dignity.
You might even need to self-catheterize just to be able to squeeze out a couple drops.
It didn’t bear thinking about.

Searching desperately for answers.

Your Testosterone Levels.

Now, they may have told you that the cause of BPH is having high levels of something called DHT…

Your Doctor probably refers to it as DHT.

Manly traits…

As well as things like high confidence, good energy levels, and even beard growth.

However, DHT can potentially also be one of the factors that leads to prostate enlargement…

…although it’s not the most significant factor, as I’ll explain in a moment.

Leaving you feeling weak and pitiful.

Things were looking up.
For several weeks we all thought Dad’s prostate issues would soon be fixed, for good.
However, after about 8 weeks of progress, things took a turn for the worse that none of us had expected.

With energy for days…

And as much as I don’t want to share it – I know he and Mom had a great sex-life – even when he was in his 50’s.

His energy levels also went down the toilet.
“You never want to have sex anymore.

And one night I overhead Mom complaining to Dad

The meds had promised so much, and provided Dad some relief for a few short weeks, but clearly they’d now started destroying the MAN that Dad once was.

WORSE than before. For reasons you’ll discover in just a second.
Dad was scared that he was going to end up on the floor again, passed out, bleeding from his Manhood… just like we’d found him at his Retirement Party.

…and what the various surgery options involved .

Dad left the Doctor’s office looking like a broken man…

And on the drive home he told me he didn’t want to have the surgery.

I went online and started researching.

Explaining why the drugs they prescribe you usually only work in the short-run.

Well, the study I found explained why…

When you take the DHT Blockers they can reduce the size of your prostate and provide temporary relief … but these drugs won’t solve the problem in the long-run
…it makes things grow.

Plus, way too much Estrogen in your system… causing your Prostate to swell up like a balloon .

Growth Promoting Hormone…

In women it makes their breasts grow.

It causes you to store ugly Belly Fat…

It even robs you of your “Mojo” – leaving you feeling tired, weak, overly emotional, maybe even depressed.

Literally making you less of a man than you were before.

It was happening to millions of other hard-working, decent, honorable American men.

And a specific type of Enzyme, called Aromatase, is responsible for this conversion .

It’s obviously an excess of estrogenic qualities .
And this is why it’s much better to reduce your Estrogen, and not your DHT, if you want to fix your BPH once and for all.

Your Testosterone inevitably gets converted into something

Either DHT or Estrogen .
Traditional BPH drugs block the conversion to DHT.

This means even more Testosterone is converted to Estrogen!

The thing to remember is that high estrogen leads to all kinds of undesirable growths …
…whereas with high DHT, the worst that could happen is prostate enlargement, and even then it’ll only be a contributing factor for some men, certainly not all.

The Hormone that makes you feel strong, manly and confident …

Or the Hormone that makes you feel like someone stole your “Mojo” – weak, low on energy and lacking confidence.
Right now, today, your testosterone levels and prostate are under attack like never before because of various dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors.

All of this is proven Science.

But why do greedy multinational food companies include these toxic ingredients?

Because it stops you challenging their agenda’s, and keeps money flowing from your pockets into theirs.

It turns out that a top urologist has perfected a simple “17 Second Daily Habit”…

Yet no matter where I looked online, I couldn’t find it again. And this is how I knew this research mattered. Because it’s where I discovered how to…

Shrinking your prostate and giving you back your dignity, self-esteem and quality of life.

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