Vari Slim Reviews – Himalayan Slim Flower Effective For Dissolving Stubborn Fat??

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Vari Slim is a natural slimming agent capable of burning fat quickly and healthily, its main ingredient is Cannabidivarine or CBDV.

Cannabidivarin is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid naturally present in cannabis. In particular, high levels of cannabidivarin have been found in certain indica cannabis strains in northwest India, as well as in some Nepalese hashish. More specifically, CBDV results from the chemical reaction between CBGA (the acid form of CBG) and some enzymes. Decarboxylated form of CBD, it is simply the precursor. What does this mean ? Heat the CBDV, you will get CBD.

If we are interested in the chemical structure of CBDV, we realize that its molecule is very similar to that of CBD, with seven double bond isomers and thirty stereoisomers. The only difference is a side chain shortened by two methylene bridges. Simply put, the “backbone” of the two molecules is slightly different, but their composition is similar.

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This striking resemblance between cannabidivarin and Cannabidiol explains in part the proximity of the effects of the two molecules. We’ll get to that in detail in a moment.

How does VariSlim work?

It works to help with weight loss in various ways. For one thing, some types contain special terpenes or cannabinoids that actually suppress your appetite. THCV, for example, is a cannabinoid known for its appetite suppressing power. Instead of giving you the munchies, high THCV strains tend to suppress your appetite.

Where to buy Vari Slim?

The only place it is available is on its official website: is not sold anywhere else like Amazon or big box stores like Walmart.

What is the price of Vari Slim?

1 BOTTLE30 Day Supply $69 per bottle

6 BOTTLES180 Day Supply SAVE $660 $39 per bottle FAST ‘N FREE Shipping Only $234

3 BOTTLES90 Day Supply $59 per bottle FAST ‘N FREE Shipping
Only $177


If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight by dieting and trying supplements that only took your money, you should try Vari Slim. This supplement already has a large number of customers, most of them with positive comments and testimonials of how Vari Slim has helped them in their goal of losing weight and having better health.

>>> Get Vari Slim here at a discounted price while it’s available <<<

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