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CRITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT For Burnt-Out Entrepreneurs Who Need A Change NOW!

Ready To Leave Business Stress Behind And Take Your Income Into Your Own Hands?

How To Write Facebook Posts In Minutes That Pull In $1,000 – $15,000 Commissions WITHOUT Paid Ads Or Sales Calls

Go From “Just Getting By” To COMMANDING $1,000 – $15,000 Commissions On Facebook WITHOUT Spending A PENNY On Ads Or Doing Long-Winded Sales Calls

Want To See How Everyday Entrepreneurs Are Getting Results Like This?

his course is for YOU, the hard-working entrepreneur who sees everyone else MAKING TONS OF MONEY with social media and is ready to FINALLY start getting a slice of the pie!

The truth is…most entrepreneurs ENTER the social media world to make money, but quickly fail…

Perhaps you’ve fallen into examples like:

– Scrolling your feed endlessly instead of focusing on the “Money-Making” activities you should be doing

– Getting on Facebook to actually contact someone about business but wasting a ridiculous amount of time instead

– Actually trying to make posts that make money but not seeing any SIGNIFICANT sales starting to come in from them

And hey…I DON’T BLAME YOU! I’ve been there too…

The industry today is setup to keep you DISTRACTED!

Because when you’re distracted…you make money for all the “Big Guys” and they can sell you more stuff…

But that’s a story for another day my friend…

What If Instead Of GETTING USED By Social Media, YOU USED IT As A Tool To Make More Money In Your Business Than You Even Thought Possible?

Instead of distraction, with Social Selling Blueprint you’ll find an easy-to-follow approach to help you:

– Create a full-time income using your personal Facebook profile spending ZERO on ads

– Turn your social media posts into profits without being salesy (people will THANK YOU for selling them)

– Connect with multi-millionaires easier than ever and get them to council you FREE OF CHARGE

When you “GET IT” your Facebook transforms from a place of procrastination into a place of PROFITS!

My name is Benjamin Jacques and I created these trainings inside Social Selling Blueprint after I saw way too many good entrepreneurs out there struggling with social media…

I struggled too when I first got on there. I was a young artist (fine, fine…starving artist) looking to get clients that needed graphic design work done for their businesses…

I remember when I started out, I let someone haggle me down from a $25 sale of a Facebook cover photo design to a $20 sale. I literally NEEDED IT for food money at that point in my life…

Fast forward to today and I make my full-time income from the comfort of my Facebook profile, including days making over $10,000 simply from posts I type in just a few minutes.

Social media was there for me to leverage when I NEEDED it the most. Now it’s YOUR turn…

If You’re Struggling To Make Money On Facebook…You’re Probably Just Following Old Techniques That Make Things Too Complicated

Maybe when you login to your Facebook account and scroll the feed you even get upset seeing everyone else winning and crediting social media for the sales they’re making EASIER THAN EVER…

And no matter how hard you work or how much you network, you still aren’t “BREAKING THROUGH”.

I want you to know…IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

You were simply trying social media marketing techniques that might have worked in the past but don’t work now…

There’s 2 types of marketers on Facebook:

  1. Old billion dollar brands with endless pockets
  2. Bootstrap entrepreneurs like you and me

Try to market like the big guys BEFORE you’re a big guy and you’ll stay small forever…

BIG BRANDS Can Yell About New Products And Get Away With It

And unfortunately when many entrepreneurs come into the social media game trying to make money…they try the EXACT same approach but it’s destined for failure from the second it starts.

For entrepreneurs like you and me who don’t have billions of dollars to throw at “hope it works” marketing campaigns, there IS a formula we can follow to make social media work for us, and use it to grow our businesses like crazy in the easiest way ever.

The Sad Part Is, Most Entrepreneurs Who Dive Into The Social Media World Never Learn How To Swim…So They Get Eaten By The SHARKS

Big brands are LITERALLY big enough to just say “Hey. It’s us…the big brand. We have a new product. Go buy it from us right now.”

Nobody buys a new Lamborghini because they saw a really “informative webinar” about one.

Think about it for a second…

People buy those products because a big brand simply put a picture or video of them in front of you and positioned it as a very cool thing to buy because at the end of the day it’s from THEM: The BIG Brand.

But if we go on social media and just put our products in front of people and shout “BUY THIS BECAUSE IT’S ME!” then we’re going to not only make ZERO sales…

…but we’ll be seen as SALESY and that will start a downward spiral that ends up in wondering if your entrepreneurial dream is still even possible…

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